As explained by Thomas Krenn and Dirk Ruediger.

Duply is a simple python script that allows to create incemental, symertically encrypted backups on file basis. It servers as fronted for duplicity. Backups can be locally or remote. Duply supports ftp, ssh, s3, rsync, cifs, webdav, http abd others.

A backup can be achieved by creating profiles. Profiles can contain pre and post scripts. Profiles can be adjusted with a conf file and by maintaining an exclude list.


  • apt install -y duplicity duply

Creating a backup profile

  • duply profilename create

  • vim ~/duply/profilename/conf

  • Adjust SOURCE=

  • Adjust TARGET=

Configuring the strategy and rotation

  • vim ~/duply/profilename/conf

  • MAX_AGE=1M


Perform a backup

  • Full duply profilename full

  • Incremental duply profilename incr

Using cron jobs

0 0 * * 7 /usr/bin/duply /root/.duply/profilename full_verify_purge --force
0 0 * * 1-6 /usr/bin/duply /root/.duply/profilename incr

In this configuration a full backup will be made sundays at 00:00. All deprecated backups will be deleted. An incremental backup will be created each day from monday to saturday.

Checking the backup state

  • duply profilename status

Restoring from a backup

  • duply profilename restore targetpath Will perform a full restoration to that path.